3 Steps to Double Your Business Production

Double Your Business Production - UPbook

Jun 25, 2018 9:01:18 AM / by Zuhaib

It’s safe to say that your UPbook business would love to double production numbers. Of course, it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers and getting instant results! Here are three quick steps for beginning your process of doubling your business’s production and reaching as many clients in need as you possibly can.

Step #1: Identify Constraints

Every business suffers from one constraint that holds them back. You’re already maximizing front-desk performance with the help of UPbook, so take a moment to think about what other areas of your operation are faltering. Where are the bottlenecks… where do things stagnate? Your goal in identifying your business’s constraint is this: to eliminate all the extraneous processes or steps that you don’t need to be doing, and get back to doing what you love.

Step #2: Make an Energize/Drain List

A simple exercise can help you and your UPbook business to better see your constraints, and help you to re-focus on what really matters. It’s called an energize/drain list. Try doing it yourself, then expand the exercise to other UPbook trainees and every other department in your establishment.

Draw two perpendicular lines on a piece of paper to make two columns, much like a pros-and-cons list. Label one column “energize” and the other “drain,” and assign each task you perform throughout the day or week to one of the two columns. Does a particular task excite you? Does it drain your productivity and bog down processes within your UPbook business’s workflow?

Here’s the key. Once you’ve done the exercise for a week or so, you’ll be able to look back at these lists and start to identify patterns. Perhaps one member of your team would rather be filling out paperwork than greeting clients. Maybe someone who has completed front-desk training via the UPbook program isn’t being properly utilized with their new skillset.

Step #3: Implement Changes

Once you’ve identified patterns, you know how to best utilize your staff (not to mention your own time!). Next, make crucial changes in your UPbook business’s workflow to maximize efficiency—that, in turn, maximizes production!

Consider this: if you can get your UPbook business’s production numbers to double, you’ve drastically increased your capacity for a heavier workload. That might mean you can hire on another key staff member, skyrocketing your production even further. The possibilities are endless!

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Written by Zuhaib