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A receptionist in a medical facility is much more than a friendly face or a voice on the phone. Your front-desk staff represent your entire establishment, and they are the customers’ very first point of contact with your business. That’s why medical receptionist skills are so important! Below, learn more about teaching the essential skills to keep your front-desk staff running like clockwork.

Professional Training Programs

One option—especially if you’re not keen on training front-desk staff yourself—is to outsource to a professional training program, or to hire only from a pool of candidates who have completed specialized training. That way, you’ll be sure to get front-desk staff who really know their stuff, from medical receptionist computer software credentials to basic medical knowledge.

Role Playing

Role playing is one of the most effective ways to drill down on medical receptionist skills, because it offers training in real-time, real-world scenarios. Hold role-playing sessions with all of your new hires, or with your entire team, in which you practice new-client calls, appointment scheduling, dealing with difficult customers, and other essential medical receptionist skills that will be needed on the job.

Etiquette Training

Many of the best receptionists have undergone etiquette training to truly “wow” customers, both in-person and on the phone. It’s a fantastic way to take basic medical receptionist skills and launch them to the next level. Etiquette training might include information on the best phone-call practices, maintaining composure under pressure from difficult customers or a crowded waiting room, and how to use interpersonal and listening skills at the front desk.


Another great way to teach your new front-desk hires or potential candidates essential medical receptionist skills is to use the power that’s already at your disposal: your existing staff. It’s especially effective for the more complicated aspects of receptionist work, such as medical receptionist computer software training or involved medical terminology. Mentorship programs have proven time and time again to work wonders!

Teaching new staff the most important medical receptionist skills doesn’t have to be a chore. Use the tools you already have by utilizing mentorships and role-playing, and be sure to include tips on reception etiquette. For the cream of the crop, try a formal training program. Before long, your front desk will be demonstrating top-notch medical receptionist skills on a daily basis!

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