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Nov 11, 2019 2:21:50 AM / by Zuhaib

Whether you’re a receptionist about to start a new job in the veterinary sector, or you’re a practice manager putting together a job description for front-desk staff, it’s important to realize that reception duty and responsibilities go far beyond the basics. Yes, answering phones, checking patients in and out, and managing records are part of it… but there’s also a lot more that you might not have considered.

Working on Inventory

It depends on the clinic, but sometimes reception team members are responsible for inventory. And if your clinic isn’t already doing it this way, it’s worth considering — after all, receptionists can easily get a tally from their other team members to learn what the clinic needs and when. Consider including inventory training in your receptionist onboarding.

Maintaining Order in the Waiting Room

While the doctors and technicians are busy in the exam rooms, the reception staff are the ones responsible for keeping things in order in the waiting room. So, managing clients and keeping tensions at a minimum is one of those receptionist duties and responsibilities that you can’t always put in the job description. But it’s an important skill for your front-desk team members to have. Remember that veterinary medicine is an emotional business, so clients’ moods and emotions might run high. Having staff members that are adept at managing those emotions is a great boon to your business.

Being a Shoulder to Lean On

As we’ve seen, veterinary medicine can be emotional. Our loved ones are involved, after all, even if they have four legs instead of two. Sometimes, clients are going through some of the worst times of their lives, right there in your office — having a receptionist who is sympathetic is a key part of important receptionist duties and responsibilities that might go overlooked.

Consider adding a bit of training in your manuals or courses to cover acting as a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to lean on. It’s those personal touches that set your practice apart! And it’s those more abstract receptionist duties and responsibilities that make your team members all-stars.

Helping Out Whenever Needed

In practices all over the country, receptionists don’t just stay chained to the front desk. They jump in to help wherever they’re needed — in the exam rooms, the surgical ward, and the kennel. Cross-training is a great thing to include when discussing key receptionist duties and responsibilities. It will make every staff member better.

Don’t overlook these key aspects of your front-desk staff members’ jobs. Receptionist duties and responsibilities go far beyond answering the phone and checking in patients. When you recognize that, you’re making your business better!

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