How to Manifest Your Dream Team

How To Manifest Your Dreams in 2021 - UPbook

Aug 5, 2019 1:44:59 AM / by Zuhaib

Everyone wants to work in a happy environment. You spend hours at your UPbook business, so why not make them enjoyable? Let’s take a look at three ways to manifest your dream team — a roster of all-star players who enjoy what they do and create a ripple effect that reaches all the way to your customers.

What Management Can Do

Practice managers aren’t just in charge of the functionality of your UPbook business. They’re in charge of the culture. If things are sliding toward the negative, it’s ultimately up to them to turn things around. Managers must put real-world agendas into place that show team members they’re valued by your business.

Try setting up an “Atta-boy board” in your UPbook organization’s break room, or even in the waiting room so clients can see it, where team members write down each other’s accomplishments for the whole team to see and celebrate. Recognize staff members’ contributions at your team meetings.

What the Front Desk Can Do

The front desk doesn’t always have to wait for management to put an initiative into place. After all, they’re the experts when it comes to customer service and creating a happy environment!

First, all members of an UPbook-trained front-desk staff can choose to be positive every day, rather than negative. It sounds simple, but simply approaching each day with a positive mindset can make a huge difference.

Bring solutions to your UPbook business’s management, not just problems. Complaining that something is wrong without presenting a solution isn’t proactive, and it only lowers morale.

How to Hire

Of course, hiring can’t be overlooked when it comes to manifesting your UPbook business’s dream team. When you hire the right people, it’s easy!

The front-desk team should have an influence when it comes to hiring. Work together to craft a persona for your UPbook organization’s ideal candidate. Think about things like…

  • What do you value most in a coworker?
  • Where have you had frustrations in the past?
  • What kind of advertisement would YOU respond to?
  • What attracted you to THIS job?
  • How can you share the flavor of the business?

Now, your UPbook team can flesh out a character and design job listings and advertisements to that end. That means you’ll find your next dream team member in no time. Do your UPbook office’s environment and culture need a boost? It starts with the right people. Recognize contributions, approach every day positively, and hire correctly. It’s that simple!

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