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Sep 17, 2018 5:40:05 AM / by Zuhaib

Is your medical office in need of a receptionist? There are several important considerations to make when it comes to hiring a front desk medical receptionist. Below, learn about five of the essential characteristics to look for when your business is ready to bring on a new front desk team member.


Professionalism is a key trait in any team member, but it’s especially important to consider when hiring a front desk medical receptionist. This person will be the first individual that customers encounter, both in person and on the phone. The first impression is everything; if that impression isn’t a professional one, the rest of the transaction won’t go well! To find the cream of the crop, you might even consider hiring a candidate who has completed a doctor receptionist course.

Interpersonal Skills

As you might imagine, a front desk medical receptionist will be talking with others quite a lot. That’s why interpersonal communication skills are absolutely essential. Communicating with customers, staff, doctors, vendors, and more will be an everyday part of the job—look for someone who is likeable, friendly, and can communicate with just about anyone.


The greatest front desk medical receptionist team members are extremely well-organized. There’s a lot to keep track of at the front desk: medical histories and patient records, insurance information, doctor’s notes, and much more. A great front desk medical receptionist will possess top-notch organizational skills and have a detail-oriented personality.

Multitasking Abilities

With all that’s going on at the front desk, the ability to multitask is one that can’t be overlooked. Juggling incoming phone calls, visitors at the front desk, file updates, and more all at the same time is not easy! You’ll want to hire a front desk medical receptionist whose organizational skills make it easy for him or her to multitask. Look for someone who stays cool under pressure and doesn’t get flustered when tasks start piling up.

Technical Know-How

Your next front desk medical receptionist must know their stuff when it comes to the technology. Word processing skills, billing software knowledge, and basic knowledge of copiers, printers, phones, and fax machines are a must. If particular technical knowledge is a requirement for the job, you might consider candidates who have undergone specialized training in a doctor receptionist course.

Hiring the perfect front desk medical receptionist will be a great asset to your team and your business as a whole. Make the right choice the first time, and you’ll see dividends for years to come!

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