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Apr 29, 2019 6:17:14 AM / by Zuhaib

Everyone wants more hours in their day. Just think about what an increase in your own personal productivity could do for your UPbook organization’s success—the possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look at five steps you can take to leverage your time effectively, thereby doubling your productivity.

Focus on High-Leverage Activities

Leverage equals the impact produced by an activity divided by the time invested in that activity. Focusing on high-leverage activities at your UPbook facility means spending time on things that produce the greatest results, and spending as little time as possible on them while still achieving that impact. Ask yourself:

  • How can I complete this activity faster?
  • How can I make this activity more valuable?
  • Is there something else I should be doing that’s
    more valuable?

Prioritize Ruthlessly

Remember: working on one task always means that you’re not working on another. Don’t try to get everything done around your UPbook organization, because you’ll fail.

Prioritize your tasks so that you stop doing “stuff.” Whenever possible, shift “stuff” tasks to other members of your UPbook business so that you have time to focus on high-leverage activities exclusively.

Protect Your Schedule

You’re not prioritizing your time when you allow others to influence your entire schedule. Try these tips to protect your all-important schedule:

  • Block off your time in half-day segments, not by the hour. Use this time to work exclusively on your UPbook business’s “rocks,” or the core goals you’re working toward.
  • Stop leaving things unfinished. Having a dozen “works-in-progress” out there isn’t productive; focus on one thing at a time, and finish it before moving on.
  • Batch tasks instead of multitasking. Rather than trying to accomplish several things at the same time, batch similar tasks together and work on them in consecutive order.

Make it a Routine

The fourth step to doubling your production is simple: make it a routine. If you don’t hold yourself to these practices around your UPbook business, you won’t get anywhere. If you make them a habit, though, productivity will start compounding.

Cultivate a Mindset of Growth

Leverage your UPbook organization’s success by cultivating a mindset of growth—it all starts with you. That means focusing on continually learning; learning is something that offers great returns. Mentorship and systems development (automation) are other high-leverage activities that are worth your time.

Doubling your production doesn’t mean doing twice the work! Your
UPbook business has everything to gain, and nothing to lose, by you leveraging
your time effectively in order to do
more important work in far less time.

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