Flipping Your Phrasing at the Front Desk

Flipping Your Phrasing - UPbook

Feb 10, 2020 2:10:37 AM / by Zuhaib

When was the last time you considered the language your team uses at your UPbook practice’s front desk? You may have a script in place to guide your team members’ phrasing, and that’s good — but remember to be aware of a few common phrases that can usually be flipped for the better.

Here are four things your UPbook team is saying that could be flipped to a positive.

“I’m sorry.”

There are times when it is appropriate for staff to tell customers that they’re sorry. But most of the time, there is a better way to say it. Rather than constantly apologizing, train your UPbook front-desk staff to complement the customer instead — try saying something like “Thank you for your patience” rather than “I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.” That way, you’re not apologizing, you’re telling the customer how great they are!

“No problem.”

“No problem” seems like an innocent enough phrase for your UPbook team members to say. But it almost makes it seem as though the situation could have been a problem in another circumstance! A better choice is flipping “no problem” to “my pleasure.” It’s a great customer-service oriented way for team members to get the point across without making the client feel like they’re taking up your practice’s time unnecessarily.

“To be honest with you…”

“Well, to be honest with you…” How many times have you heard a member of your UPbook front desk staff start an explanation to a customer with this phrasing? The problem with this wording is that it makes it sound as though you’re not always honest!

Your UPbook team members could say something like “Let me share something more with you,” instead. It’s a much better way to make the customer feel as though you’re genuinely sharing more information that they need to know, but not in an underhanded or slighted way.

“I don’t know.”

Perhaps the most common of all phrases that need to be flipped, “I don’t know,” is something you should work out of your UPbook front-desk staff’s vocabulary. First of all, it’s lessening the credibility of your team members and your practice. And it’s simply not helpful for the customer. Try “Great question! Let me find out for you,” instead. This makes the customer feel as though they’re collaborating with you to solve a problem.

It’s easy to overlook phrases like these as just normal parts of the conversation. And they are — but changing them is why your UPbook business stands a level above the rest. Work on flipping these phrases at your front desk and watch your practice’s conversion rate skyrocket!

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