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Apr 23, 2018 8:55:01 AM / by Zuhaib

When it comes to successful front desk management, control is key. When your receptionist is able to effectively guide conversations, the experience is less stressful and more positive for everyone. Additionally, when front desk agents are capable of confidently delivering timely and accurate information, first call resolution will rise. If you’re looking for ways to utilize your front desk as a tool to improve client satisfaction, here are a few front desk training tips that will get results.First, arm your receptionist with the skills he or she needs to address and redirect client frustration. When clients are upset, they tend to lash out and don’t necessarily listen well. Knowing how to pinpoint the problem and deescalate the situation can mean the difference between a lost opportunity and a client for life. That’s why conflict management should be a priority in your front desk training.Next, train your front desk agents how to actively listen. It’s human nature to want to respond instantly to something we are hearing, and deliberate listening doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everyone. Your front desk training should incorporate knowing what questions to ask and how to listen with intent to keep the conversation on track, address the situation at hand and satisfy the client quickly and effectively.Emotional resilience is also a critical attribute to have when managing a front desk, particularly in the veterinary industry. Not only does your receptionist need to be able to calmly handle tense situations with angry clients, but he or she also needs to be able to control emotional responses to things like a crying client who just had to euthanize a beloved family pet. Training your front desk staff to manage their own emotions and remain calm and level-headed in any situation will fortify your front desk.Another important component of front desk training that can go a long way toward improving your client satisfaction rate is courtesy. You want your callers and in-person clients to feel important and heard and that their business is valued. After all, you’re probably not the only vet in the neighborhood. So, if you want to succeed, you have to exceed your clients’ expectations, and that starts with front desk training that educates agents on how to consistently deliver exceptional client service.Finally, it’s important to incorporate good time management and organizational skills into your front desk training. Veterinary receptionists – particularly those who work in busy or growing practices – have to wear many hats and juggle many balls. Being able to stay on top of scheduling, not leave callers hanging and deliver great service and support to in-person clients is essential to your clinic’s success. Not only will this keep the practice running more smoothly, but it will boost client satisfaction in the process.Your front desk is often the very first and also last impression clients will get of your clinic. Investing in front desk training that covers all of the above critical components is essential to ensuring that clients remain happy, engaged and committed to a lifelong partnership with you as their trusted vet.

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