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Jul 23, 2018 7:21:34 AM / by Zuhaib

Would you like to improve your front desk performance? Just about any business will benefit from a well-trained, professional, and friendly front desk! Read on to discover some quick tips for improving front desk receptionist etiquette.

Be Polite

This one should go without saying, but it’s worth repeating: a front desk receptionist must always be polite. This is true for over-the-phone and in-person interactions. The best way to answer the phone as a receptionist is with a simple “Hello, you’ve reached Dr. Jones’s office. This is Sam speaking, how can I help you today?” That lets the caller know that they’ve reached the right place, it lets them know who they’re speaking to, and it prompts a direct response from the caller. Even if a caller becomes frustrated during the course of the call, an important part of front desk receptionist etiquette is never getting angry or frustrated in return. Always remain professional!

Be Prompt

Your business’s customers don’t want to wait longer than they have to. That’s why it’s important that a receptionist answers the phone promptly, ideally between the second and third ring. If a caller must be placed on hold, explain to the caller why it’s necessary and tell them that you will be with them in a few short moments. Don’t allow a caller to stay on hold for longer than a full minute. In person, a key part of front desk receptionist etiquette is letting the customer know that they’ve been seen, even if there is a line ahead of them. No one likes to feel that they’ve been ignored!

Be Informed

Simply put, a receptionist needs to know their stuff! That’s not to say that a receptionist must know everything—if a caller or office visitor asks a question that a receptionist doesn’t know the answer to, the best thing to do is tell the client something like “I’m sorry, I’m not sure of the answer to your question. Let me find out, and I’ll be right back.” This technique demonstrates an elite level of front desk receptionist etiquette.

Ending the Conversation

Always end conversations at the front desk with a pleasantry, like “Thanks so much for calling, have a great day!” That way, your callers or in-person visitors are consistently left with a friendly final interaction, which means they’re associating your establishment with positivity. It also follows the first rule of front desk receptionist etiquette: always be polite!Great front desk performance is about more than putting on a smile or knowing the best way to answer the phone as a receptionist. Front desk receptionist etiquette is simply invaluable! Properly done, a top-tier front desk will satisfy existing customers, impress new ones, and leave an indelible mark on your business’s success.

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