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Your Business’s Facebook Video - UPbook

May 28, 2018 7:18:45 AM / by Zuhaib

Are you wondering what kind of content to include in your business’s Facebook video? As an UPbook member, you only have to worry about one thing: how to best bond with your clients through the power of video. Once you’re able to answer that, videos will almost start to create themselves!

Here are a few tips for the UPbook business struggling to come up with content for their Facebook video:

Be Inspirational

Few things will make as powerful an impact on your clients as an inspirational video. Tug at your clients’ heartstrings—it’s a great way for an UPbook member business to bond themselves to the clients they already have, and entice new ones at the same time.

Success stories work well as inspirational videos. Do you have a particular client who you’ve helped in a big way? Make a video showcasing this client’s experience, and how they went from a person in need to a person satisfied with your services. Do you have a staff member who has used your services themselves? It would make a great feel-good video. An UPbook business could even create a montage of various success stories for their Facebook video.

Be Educational

You’re educating your clientele in your field of business every day—why not turn that talent into an effective Facebook video? Informative videos get a lot of engagement on Facebook for one simple reason: viewers want and need the information contained in them.

As an UPbook member, you might make an educational video about the necessity of your services. Perhaps you can make a video detailing a type of service you offer, or the need for your particular service versus the service of your competitors.

Behind-the-scenes videos are also great ideas for UPbook members wondering what content to include in their next Facebook video. Everyone loves getting a sneak peek into the inner workings of your business—especially your clients! Film your staff hard at work, or give a quick insight into your UPbook business’s basic processes. (Make sure not to give away any trade secrets, though!)

Be Entertaining

Many people log onto Facebook for one reason: to be entertained. The UPbook member business can tap into that! Even if you’re discussing a serious topic in your Facebook video, keep things light. Be engaging and entertaining, and your view count is sure to skyrocket!

Try using fun props in your video. Be funny and engaging—make sure the person or persons on camera are smiling and friendly. Staff members who have undergone UPbook training are great choices! Get too serious, and you’ll turn viewers off.

“Unboxing” videos are another great idea for UPbook members—these videos are extremely popular right now, and are as simple as filming your staff opening a new piece of equipment you’ve gotten into the office or a new batch of supplies that you’ve just ordered.

Are you an UPbook business struggling to come up with ideas for your Facebook video? Keep these tips in mind—be inspirational, be educational, and be entertaining—and you’re sure to capture the hearts (and views!) of your online audience. It won’t be long before your social media engagement goes through the roof!

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