5 Steps to High-Productivity Scheduling

High-Productivity Scheduling - UPbook

Jul 15, 2019 2:24:39 AM / by Zuhaib

Your schedule is the backbone of your business. Without it, you won’t see any customers — that means you won’t gain any revenue, much less make a profit. It stands to reason that when you productivity scheduling, your UPbook business improves.

Here are five steps you can take to achieve high-productivity scheduling at your UPbook business:

Hire a Scheduling Coordinator

Hire or promote a dedicated scheduling coordinator. This person is responsible for your UPbook business’s entire appointment schedule and is in charge of making sure that all clients are scheduled appropriately. Their main job is to focus on filling the day. That means filling TODAY’s appointment slots before continuing on to focus on the next day’s appointments, and two and three days out.

Move to Short Appointments

If your business is using 20-minute, half-hour, or longer appointment slots, you’re missing out on a big source of revenue. Moving to shorter appointments — 10 or 15 minutes, for instance — allows your UPbook business to take care of at least four or five clients per hour, and perhaps more. That’s a huge jump in revenue! Have support staff help to move clients in and out of the office to fit in these larger numbers.

Fill Slots With Future Customers

Any schedule suffers from cancellations, missed appointments, etc. The trick is to fill open appointment slots with future customers. This effort should be led by the scheduling coordinator and put into practice by the UPbook-trained front desk staff.

When a cancellation happens, the team calls ahead to see if a future client can come in now. Consistently filling these cancellations with future customers creates a snowball effect — it keeps your UPbook business’s schedule jam-packed, week in and week out!

Offer Flex Appointments

A flex appointment can mean a few different things depending on your particular business model, but it’s a great way to maintain a high-productivity schedule at your UPbook business. Flex appointments might allow a client to drop off their materials within a range of time and come back later; it might mean your organization fits in an emergency client around two other appointments. In any case, having some measure of flexibility is imperative when it comes to maintaining a packed schedule!

Schedule to Production Goals

Does your business schedule to a production goal every day? If not, it’s time to start. This means scheduling every client with an end goal in mind, whether the goal is financial in nature or a unit figure, such as a certain number of clients your UPbook business sees that day. This avoids arbitrary scheduling and makes the schedule the centerpiece of your revenue-building mechanism!

It’s time to put your UPbook business’s schedule to work — it’s one of the only ways to increase your business’s revenue without adding additional staff or expanding in some other way. Revolutionize your appointment booking and watch revenue jump!

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