5 Steps to Crush Your Next Business Goal

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Jul 2, 2018 6:10:28 AM / by Zuhaib

Like any UPbook member business, you’re always striving to meet your goals. However, if you feel like you’re constantly chasing those goals, always getting close but never quite reaching the finish line, you’re not alone! What if there was a way to crush your business goal, each and every time? You’re in luck—here are five steps to crushing your next business goal.

Step 1: Pick ONE Goal

Pick ONE goal that will change the game for your UPbook business. What is one thing that you and your business want to accomplish in the next year, or perhaps in the next five years? A certain revenue number or new-client percentage might work well here.

Step 2: Select ONE Strategy

Once you’ve selected that ONE goal, select ONE strategy that will allow your UPbook business to hit that goal number. By way of example, booking “x” number of extra appointments per day might allow you to hit a certain revenue number by the end of the fiscal year.

Step 3: Select ANOTHER Strategy

Think of another strategy—completely different and independent of the strategy that you’ve already conceived of in Step #2—that will allow your UPbook business to hit that goal number. Maybe you’ll try increasing the average dollar amount per transaction at your business.

Step 4: Select ANOTHER DIFFERENT Strategy

You guessed it—think of yet another strategy, again different and independent from the first two, that will help your UPbook business reach that ultimate goal number. Maybe you’ll try upselling clients on a particular offer or a “maintenance” package while they’re visiting the office.

Step 5: Implement

Now that you and your UPbook member business have one goal in mind, and three independent strategies to use for working toward that goal, it’s time to implement. Take the dynamic action steps necessary to put these strategies into play. Since they’re all working independently of one another, your UPbook business can even fail at one or the other—your other strategies are still at play! The compounding effect that this has will allow your target number to be reached, ultimately helping you achieve your mark and crush your goal.

Is your UPbook business struggling to achieve its business goals? Perhaps you’re going about it wrong. Implement the above strategy, follow through with these five steps, and you’re sure to crush your next goal with ease!

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