What If I Don’t Have Time To Grow My Practice?

I Don’t Have Time To Grow My Practice - UPbook

Jan 26, 2021 7:01:14 PM / by Michael

When you own a practice, not only do you have the responsibilities of being a doctor, but also simultaneously those of a CEO, entrepreneur, and business operations manager. You may wonder how you have enough time to grow your practice. 

Unless you’re especially gifted at marketing, design, advertising, being in two places at once, you’re actually best suited seeing your patients, not focusing your time on growing your practice.

How To Save Time?

A great practice owner knows how to delegate, and this is what will help you grow in the long run. That doesn’t mean piling all this on your practice’s manager, but finding an outside vendor who has a team that specializes in tasks like Google and Facebook advertising, graphic design, website development, and marketing strategy. 

These tasks are invaluable to the growth of your practice. On the surface, you may feel you and your team can accomplish all these tasks, but why would you want to when you can hire a team of industry experts? This will save you time, and ensure consistency and growth.

How To Select The Vendor?

You want to select a vendor that can do it all. They need to own the end-to-end model for your practice. That means they understand the process of the digital journey from path to purchase. 

Give them your goals and timeline, and ask them if they can help you achieve it all. You don’t only want them to advise, but also implement. They should have a proven strategy that will work for your practice that incorporates things like a psychologically driven website, eye-catching Google and Facebook ads, and targeted social media posts. All of these things are going to maximize the eyeballs of prospective patients. 

You also need to take into consideration a front desk component. Measuring the amount of calls that turn into appointments is extremely important. If you can’t track this, you may never know how successful your vendor is. 

These are all moving parts and without them joined together, you won’t see growth. You can have an amazing website, but if your ads fail or front desk fails, you won’t convert prospective patients. You also don’t want to sign a long-term contract. You should start to see results within a couple months, but if that doesn’t happen, you have to get out quickly and find another vendor. 

Grow Your Practice

Get Started

Now that you know you can save yourself time by selecting a vendor that owns an end-to-end strategy, you need a place to start.  Join the UPbook study, a fully compensated practice owner focus group. This will spark conversation on your struggles with your practice, especially during COVD-19, and how to break through those challenges to thrive. 

Make time to participate. You will get a full compensation of $100/hr to participate in this focus group.

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Written by Michael