Managing Your Team’s Stress During COVID-19

Managing a team during the COVID-19 - UPbook

Mar 30, 2020 5:24:21 AM / by Zuhaib

It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused stress for many people. You and the members of your UPbook veterinary practice’s team are no exception. And since stress can have serious long-term health effects — high blood pressure, skin problems, poor circulation, even heart disease — it’s important for you to manage stress properly.

Here are some tips to help you manage your UPbook team’s stress as we continue to navigate these uncertain times:

Focus on What You Can Control

There are plenty of things outside of the influence of you and your UPbook practice’s control: other’s social distancing practices or sanitation habits, how much toilet paper is left in the store, and how long this whole situation will last, for example. So there’s no sense in stressing about those things.

Instead, focus on what you can control: you and your UPbook practice’s response to the crisis, how you implement social distancing at your practice, and how you’ll continue to serve customers during this time.

Keep Up With the Daily Huddle

Does your UPbook veterinary practice start each day with a daily huddle? If you’ve slacked recently on the daily huddle, it’s time to start up again. This simple 5 to 10-minute meeting at the start of the day makes a big difference when it comes to stress. It allows all team members to get on the same page, and you can start off the workday on a positive note.

Encourage Physical Stress-Relief Tactics

Encourage every member of your UPbook practice’s team to manage stress with physical relief tactics. First, make sure everyone is taking breaks — overworking employees is never recommended, and especially not now. And it’s a good idea to get some fresh air on those breaks, whether it’s a walk around the block or just a few moments in the parking lot.

You might consider playing soft music at your UPbook facility or designating a certain couch in the break room for team members to stretch out on if they need to. Simple activities like these can make a huge difference!

Ask for Help If You Need It

If you or any member of your UPbook facility’s team is struggling with stress, it’s okay to ask for help. These are unprecedented times — special measures might be necessary. No one has to go through it alone! Talk to mental health or medical professional if you or someone you know is having a tough time.

Managing stress around your UPbook business is crucial at any time, but it’s of the utmost importance while we navigate these uncertain times. When you and your team remain as stress-free as possible, you continue to provide the best possible service. And that’s just as crucial now as it’s ever been.

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