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Feb 23, 2021 3:10:53 PM / by Michael

Do you feel like the potential success of your practice is limited? Maybe you don’t feel like it is, but you’re experiencing a stagnation that you can’t seem to get over. It can feel like you’re on a treadmill- running and running but ultimately going nowhere. When you hit a ceiling in your work, your pent up energy turns into nerves and ultimately frustration. This can be a huge problem and cause a lot of doctors to give up the idea that they can grow their practice further.

Dr. Michael Warren knows the feelings first hand. It started when he was only a child and witnessed his parents put in long, exhausting hours. Sometimes they would work 60+ hours a week. They put their heart and time into the practice. They would show up every day, with the same goal, but could never break past the plateau. All those years of hard work to not be able to reap the benefits of a mega successful practice.

Dr. Warren hated seeing his parents go through that and wanted to provide a solution so that other practice owners didn’t have to go through the same situation. Now he’s helped over 850 practices grow and achieve sustainability and success.

Each growth phase of a business requires a different way of thinking, and most people don’t know how to change or adapt. So, how do you rise out of the plateau so you can keep building and growing?

The solution is easy, and it starts with having outside help. Dr. Warren has outlined the three-key-levers that will ensure your success despite staffing challenges and uncertainty in the economy. He took complex strategies and dialed them down into three steps that are easy to implement with your team.

These are real, proven strategies that have been discovered through Dr. Warren’s extensive work with the hundreds of practices he has worked with through the years. You can choose whether you’d rather implement these strategies on your own, or with the help of UPbook’s team of experts.

You have a vision for your practice, and you will be on your way to achieving it after participating in the three-key-levers of growth webinar. It’s set up in small sessions that have an intimate feel to them which encourages sharing and learning.

You’ll learn how to attract the right type of patients that are fun to work with and you’ll also learn how to build a great culture within your team so a burden can be lifted off your shoulders. You want to break that growth ceiling so when you’re ready to get out of the business, you’ll know that you have built something good and strong for yourself, and to give back to the community that supported you.

Find a new way to grow your practice, with these 3 levers of growth.

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Written by Michael