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May 27, 2019 6:26:37 AM / by Zuhaib

There are all kinds of challenging and tricky phone situations that front-desk staff face, many that can test even the most restrained UPbook staff member. The trick is to use diplomacy during these tricky calls—that way, your staff can turn difficult clients into profitable, engaged customers on the books.

The Super-Chatty Client

Some callers just won’t get off the phone, no matter how hard you try. This is a huge time waster for your UPbook business as a whole. The trick is to repeat and refocus. This means repeating back the caller’s appointment information and refocusing them on the task at hand: your conversation. Say: “We’re looking forward to seeing you… I’ll let the team know you’re coming as soon as I finish booking you.” This gives the caller a subtle cue that the conversation is ending.

The Asking-for-the-Impossible Client

Other clients want things that you and your UPbook organization simply can’t do. “Why can’t I just get this one service without the other one?”

What can you do? Connect and redirect. Try: “I hear you, and I understand how you feel.” Then, redirect them: “The reason that these two services must be given together is because of…”

The Nickel-and-Dimer

Sometimes, callers want to nickel-and-dime your UPbook business to try and get the cheapest possible service. “All I want is the beginner package, why don’t I qualify for that?”

Connect and explain. Say: “Good question, you’re not the only one who has asked that. We’ve found that the only way this works is by sticking to a formula...”

The Something-for-Nothing

Have you ever had customers try to manipulate your UPbook staff by telling them that your services can’t be afforded? You might have heard something like “All I have is X amount, I can’t afford this!”

Connect with the customer by saying, “I know how frustrated you must be.” Then, provide options. That might be a payment plan, deferred payments, or another service entirely.

The Price Shopper

Price-shopping is another type of tricky phone situation, and it’s a common one for your UPbook business. First, deflect the price question entirely by saying “I’d be happy to help… can I get some information from you first?”

Your UPbook staff could also give the price-shopper a range of prices; this usually holds them off for the time being. If you still can’t get the price-shopper to back off, it’s time to wish them well and let them go.

Tricky phone situations aren’t fun for your UPbook business’s front-desk staff. By being prepared ahead of time, though, your business is ready to face these situations head-on!

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Written by Zuhaib