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Dec 3, 2019 9:58:29 PM / by Michael

The Problem:

Your Front Desk is already overwhelmed with client care. And during certain times of the day, there can be a crush of calls and in-person clients, all requiring your Front Desk's attention.

The Challenge:

Unfortunately there are pesky veterinary vendors who call continuously, taking your Front Desk's time and attention away from your critical client relationships.

The Solution: 

The Front Desk is a challenging position, and the unpredictability and sudden overload causes stress that your team feels and your clients see.

As we have discussed in our 21 Ways to Increase Client Satisfaction, Save Time, and Generate More $$$ From Your Phone System, the key is "off-loading" your veterinary Front Desk by removing non-critical calls. This alleviates the bottleneck and ensures that the important calls, such as new and existing clients trying to book an appointment, don't go unanswered.

Rather than taking those pesky veterinary vendor calls when THEY decide to call, your team can add them to a "pesky vendor list" which sends their calls directly to vendor voicemail box.

This means that your team will be able to review the message and respond back when they have a free moment in their workflow rather than being distracted or interrupted during a client conversation.

How about those important vendors that you want to take their call?

Simply remove them from the "pesky vendor list" and you will receive their calls as usual.

Or you can provide your trusted vendors a specific phone number that will ring the Doctor's or Practice Manager's phone directly, enabling them to by-pass the busy Front Desk

This small technique can save your Front Desk from 150-400 calls per month, increasing your client service and making your team much happier.

If your current phone system isn't able to do this, then schedule a demo of UPbook to receive brand new phones (for FREE) and a veterinary specific phone system that will increase your inbound calls into appointments AND save you $$$ on your current phone bill! See UPbook in action here!

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Written by Michael