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For the customer, the first point of contact with a dental practitioner is the front desk. That’s why dental office receptionist training is an absolute must for any successful dental practice! Below, learn about four key areas of training that will set your front-desk team apart from the competition.

Phone Training

Almost all of your dental office’s business is initiated through phone conversations. Put a dental receptionist phone script in place to make sure that each and every customer receives the same quality experience. Funnel the caller through your script to secure an appointment—this method of dental office receptionist training makes for a steady stream of clients through your front doors!

Front-Desk Training

Of course, another part of dental office receptionist training should cover the interactions your reception staff will have at the front desk. This involves basic customer service, dealing with emergency situations, multitasking during busy hours, etc. You’ll find that many of the same techniques from your dental receptionist phone script transfer over to in-person interactions!

Insurance Information

A big part of any receptionist’s job involves insurance and billing, and your dental practice’s front-desk staff is no exception. Include the necessary information on insurance in your dental office receptionist training package—co-pay structures, how to determine a patient’s coverage, calling insurance companies, and more might be necessary. Insurance is something that many patients worry about, so train receptionists to keep it simple!

Dental Knowledge

Think about the amount of actual dental knowledge you want your front-desk staff to impart to your clientele, and address that in your dental office receptionist training materials. It’s entirely up to you whether or not your reception staff discusses medical subjects during phone calls or at the front desk.

The information in your dental office receptionist training package is an invaluable tool. Not only is it necessary for new hires, it can be used for continuing education efforts, as a reference during role-play training, and more. Put together a great set of materials, and your front desk—and your dental office as a whole!—will benefit for years to come.

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