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Dec 17, 2017 6:43:03 AM / by Michael

Picture this: a member of your front-desk staff is on the phone with a potential new client, trying to get some basic contact information and discussing the particular needs of the customer in question. After a few moments of conversation, the caller hangs up, saying they’ll call back at a later time or that they have to think things over. Of course, it’s a safe bet they’re not calling back!If your front-desk staff doesn’t convert new client calls into actual scheduled appointments in the office, that equals a lost source of revenue and wasted time. Most importantly, it means that a client isn’t getting the services they need!It’s essential that you don’t underestimate the importance of scheduling an appointment with new clients. If you aren’t booking those appointments, your business isn’t producing real-world results!

Tip #1: Stop Quoting Price Over the Phone

If you quote prices over the phone for the services your business offers, you’re giving price shoppers exactly what they’re looking for. Rather than scheduling an appointment with you, they’re going to call every competitor in your area to shop around for the cheapest price.

Tell the caller that you can’t give them an exact price without discussing their situation in person—then and only then will you get a price shopper in the door!

Tip #2: Make an Irresistible Offer

Another great way to convert new client calls into real-world office appointments is by making the potential customer an irresistible offer. If the caller feels that they’re getting a great value—a discounted special for new clients, a seasonal price cut, etc.—they have every reason to schedule an appointment! Once the customer meets you and your team in person, you have the opportunity to educate, build a relationship on a personal level, and make them a client for life.

Tip #3: Practice, Practice, Practice

When it comes to your front-desk staff converting new client calls into appointments, there’s no substitute for practice. Role-play with your staff to help build confidence—play the role of a price shopper to teach your front-desk staff how to stick to their guns. Practice making an irresistible offer to entice clients in the door. This way, your staff will have a much easier time when the real thing comes along!

When your front desk turns calls into scheduled appointments, they’re not only helping your business build revenue streams by securing clientele. They’re getting customers the help they need.

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