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Nov 4, 2019 2:43:18 AM / by Zuhaib

Consider for a moment the arc of an average client’s interaction with your practice's. The arc begins with the customer’s need. To start getting that need solved, they call your practice's. The voice of the receptionist is the first thing they hear — that’s why receptionist phone greetings are so important. Let’s take a look at four easy ways to improve your veterinary clinic’s greetings at the front desk:

Make it Personal

What bonds clients to your clinic is the personal interactions that they experience. Those interactions help clients to associate positivity with your practice, ultimately making it more likely that they become a repeat customer.

Receptionist phone greetings should be made as personal as possible to facilitate that bonding experience. That means using the client’s name and their pet’s name frequently. It’s also about the receptionist telling the client their own name — that helps to put a face to the practice and lets the customer know that they’re talking with a real person who has their best interests at heart.

Don’t Oversell

When receptionist phone greetings get too marketing-heavy, with the receptionist trying to upsell the client at every turn, the likelihood of closing on that appointment goes down. Customers don’t want to feel that they’re being tricked into spending more of their hard-earned money. As a general rule, don’t upsell more than once during receptionist phone greetings, unless another additional service or product would be important to the pet’s health.

Slow It Down

Often, when our receptionists are doing their best to follow a script and hit all the necessary points that go into great receptionist phone greetings, they tend to start talking fast.

Remind your reception team to slow it down — clients respond much better to calm, controlled, helpful receptionists than frantic, over-the-top front desk employees. It definitely pays to take a breath and slow down during receptionist phone greetings!

Confirm the Details, Every Time

At the end of the phone call, the client’s appointment details should be confirmed, each and every time. That includes the appointment time, pet name, client name, and the services to be rendered. It’s also a good idea for the receptionist to repeat their own name at least once as a way of wrapping up receptionist phone greetings.

Implementing and sticking with just a few simple methods like these can really boost the performance of your front-desk receptionist phone greetings. That translates directly into more satisfied clients and therefore more appointments on the books.

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