How Using a Script Boosts Your Dental Office’s Appointment Numbers

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Nov 19, 2018 2:27:27 AM / by Zuhaib

Is your dental practice using a script at the front desk? It should be! The power of dental office receptionist scripts cannot be overstated. It’s the perfect way to impart a consistent brand to your customers, and book more appointments at the same time.

Here are just four of many ways that dental office receptionist scripts help your business to get more appointments on the books, week after week.

Scripts Keep Things Friendly

First and foremost, a script is a great way to make sure that each and every interaction over the phone is pleasant, helpful, and welcoming to the customer. Even if a member of your front-desk staff is having a bad day, well-made dental office receptionist scripts help them to convey the right tone, each and every time.

Scripts Encourage Appointments

Including a call to action segment at the end of your dental office receptionist scripts, or even at multiple points throughout the script, means that clients are being encouraged to book an appointment during each and every call. Even if a customer calls for a price check, or with a routine question, scripts can be designed so that an appointment is encouraged no matter what.

Scripts Help Staff to Upsell

Not only do great dental office receptionist scripts help to book appointments, they help to upsell customers on additional products and services before, during, and after those appointments.

Including a line in your script about your practice’s wellness plans or discount care offers means that each and every customer gets the opportunity to purchase additional services—that means that your dental office receptionist scripts are making your practice more revenue.

Scripts Maintain a Consistent Message

Consistent brand messaging is one of the most important aspects of your business. If one customer receives a top-notch, helpful, and comfortable experience while another gets a disengaged and unhelpful one, you’ve lost business where you could have gained revenue. Proper dental office receptionist scripts, when followed to the letter, avoid this pitfall by ensuring a consistent client experience every time.

What does your practice have to lose by implementing great dental office receptionist scripts? You’ll start reaping the benefits—consistent brand messaging as well as more client upsells and an increase in booked appointments - in no time!

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Written by Zuhaib