Five Steps to Rebook Missed New Clients

Rebook Missed New Clients - UPbook

Mar 25, 2019 6:43:15 AM / by Zuhaib

It’s safe to assume that not every client who calls your UPbook business will book an appointment during that initial call. That doesn’t mean that the client isn’t still searching for help, though! Following up with those missed new clients can make a huge impact on your business’s bottom line.

Let’s take a look at the five key steps your UPbook business needs to follow in order to rebook missed new clients.

Step #1: Assign ONE Person

Assign one employee to deal exclusively with the issue of missed new clients. It’s their responsibility to follow up and do everything in their power to lock in those customers. This employee might be a front-desk staff member trained with the influencing power of UPbook, a supervisor, or even a manager if other staff can’t be pulled away.

Step #2: Practice Daily Callbacks

It’s important that the missed client gets called every day until an answer is received. If your team only calls once and then gives up, the opportunity isn’t really being pursued! Call back until you get a “no thank you” or a “yes, I still need help.” Don’t worry about your UPbook business being perceived as intrusive or unrelenting — after all, the client called YOU asking for help!

Step #3: Note the Call and Next Steps

Have the exclusive follow-up employee make a note of every callback, and have them make a note of the next step. For example: left voicemail, call back tomorrow. This keeps every member of your UPbook business’s team on the same page.

Step #4: Use a Voicemail Script

Keep the process simple by using a voicemail script for callbacks. You might try something like: “Hi, this is Michael from [Your UPbook business]. Please give us a call back as soon as you can. Thanks so much and talk soon!”

Step #5: Check the History

Use the Control + F keyboard command to check your team’s history in UPbook before calling back a missed new client. This ensures that you’re not calling a client who has already scheduled an appointment at your facility!Remember: when your team uses these five principles to secure more clients, they’ll gain more UPbook incentives. When your business’s scheduling rate improves, the team gets rewarded! More appointments on the books, plus a happy and hardworking team… what do you have to lose?

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Written by Zuhaib