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Apr 15, 2020 11:31:25 AM / by Michael

The biggest business risk right now for veterinary practices is being forced to close unexpectedly or having team members compelled to stay at home due to quarantine.

My challenge for you this week is simple; I want you to imagine that…

YOU and your ENTIRE Front Desk are in quarantine for 14 how will you continue to run your practice?


Answer: there are 2 main mechanisms needed to remain ready for business and generating revenue:

1. Implement UPbook Remote Office 

  • Seamlessly routes client calls to quarantined team members at home
  • Receive voicemails via email at home
  • Send and receive faxes at home
  • Dial out using the practice number from home

Click this link if you have not already set up Remote Office (a 15-minute call with our Remote Office specialist!)

2. Set up Free Veterinary Telemedicine App (a simple app you can have up and running in 10 minutes):

  • Your clients or your team can schedule telemedicine appointments online
  • Collect payment from clients before their appointment
  • Send the client and the veterinarian a unique video link to conduct a video consult

Click this link to be get started with the free telemedicine app!

By completing the above you would have fully “planned for the worst.

With this out of the way, next week we are going to shift our attention from survival to revenue generation. 

As revenue reports from members are mixed (some are down 40% while others are up 30%), now is the time to “come out swinging” to let your community know YOU are open for business. 

In the meantime, just let us know if you have any questions or challenges as we are your quarterback through this crisis and are here for you 100%

All the best during this challenging time,

Michael & The UPbook Team 


P.S. On Sunday evening, Elite Member Francis received a call that his 2 Front Desk team members were having to start a 14 day quarantine immediately.

Fortunately he was already using UPbook Phones and so Monday morning he transferred all calls to his Front Desk staff at their homes. They remotely logged into their schedule and continued to book appointments as if they were in the practice

They were even able to dial out as the practice number, and so clients never even knew they were working from home.

Francis shared on our member webinar that this would have been a disaster otherwise (as his vet and support staff wouldn’t have been able to run the Front Desk while seeing all the patients).

It was from Francis’s quick thinking that UPbook Remote Office was born! (thanks Francis!) 

Let’s ensure you are covered like Francis as we will all sleep better knowing we can quickly re-route your calls and fully set up your team members to work from home if needed.

Setup your free veterinary telemedicine app today!

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Written by Michael