Management Tips For Healthcare Practices

Management Tips For Healthcare Practices

May 11, 2021 8:20:19 PM / by Michael

As a practice owner, you should constantly be looking for new management tips for your healthcare practice. Running a medical practice is hard work, especially during modern times with COVID still on the forefront. Using these helpful practice management tips will help you create an efficient flow in your business that will bring in more patients and create an overall better experience.


Have An Effective Hiring Process

Having the right team members is an important step to keep your practice in business. Hiring can be a hassle, and unless you have the right process in place, it may lead to you continuously hiring the wrong people. Wrong employees can throw off the work environment and increase stress and cost. A management tip to combat this is to understand your needs and pre-establish skill requirements and expectations.

Hiring the employee is only half of the process. The other half starts once they’re hired, during the onboarding/training process. Having a solid training process will ensure that you’re giving your new employee everything they need to succeed and be happy in their new position. You can automate this process by having your star employees create the training and document it through videos. That way, you can save time and know they’re learning from the highest quality people on your team.

Hiring the right people will help make your medical practice a true asset for the community—it will keep the same friendly faces on hand and develop a consistent workflow between all levels of staff.


One of the greatest practice management tips is to learn how to delegate. Not delegating can lead to burnout and also take you away from what’s most important: seeing patients. To start delegating, examine your daily activities and learn which ones have to be performed by a doctor or practice owner. Try to find as many of the administrative tasks as possible that you can delegate to another employee. When delegating, it’s imperative to give tasks to the right person on your team. Be sure to give them exact instructions and feedback once they complete the task. This will build trust and confidence between you and your team, ultimately making your practice more accurate and efficient.

Keep Your Practice Running Efficiently During COVID

You’ve probably already moderated your workflow in response to COVID, but you still have to stay on top of regulations and have a solid plan for rapid decision making. With how unpredictable the times are, it’s key to plan ahead. There are still worldwide shortages and it could potentially interrupt your workflow. Be vigilant in taking stock of your supplies and what budget you have that can be devoted to stocking up months in advance. This way, you’ll know your practice can properly function despite any shortages.

It’s also crucial to periodically check into all local mandates and keep your staff up to date. You want to ensure that your patients feel comfortable coming into your practice and know you’re following all the recommended guidelines so you can keep your practice in business during the pandemic. Not following local orders can turn away patients, or—in the worst-case scenario—get your business licenses suspended.

Improve Communication With Patients

Patients are the backbone of your business. One of the biggest questions most practice owners have is this: how do I increase patient visits? A quick and easy answer to that is to improve communication with patients. One of the biggest points of communication is confirming appointments. If a patient doesn’t show up to their appointment, it can cost you your time and a missed opportunity to fit in another patient. Lower your no-show rate by confirming appointments ahead of time through texts or calls. Studies have shown that the no-show rate drops from 23 percent to around 15 percent when patients are given a reminder a few days before their appointment.

Another way that you can improve communication with patients is by having an online health portal. This way, they can check their records or upcoming appointments themselves instead of having to call your office.

Make Sure Your Procedures Work Well

One of the most important management tools as a practice owner is to constantly check on your procedures to make sure they’re efficient, necessary, and being followed. Eliminate redundant, non-contributory functions. Check in with your employees to see what they feel is useful and what isn’t.

You can also utilize technology and do things like have forms available to minimize documentation time. For example, if applicable to your practice, design a prescription form for your most frequently prescribed medications.

Outsource When Necessary

There are many ways that outsourcing can help with the management of your medical practice. Having a salaried staff member perform tasks that can be outsourced can take their time away from other tasks for which they’re better suited. Outsourcing can save time, ultimately bring in more money, and improve your practice. Take marketing for example. If you outsource it, you will have access to an entire team of professionals who will manage everything for you, making it hands-off and efficient. Freeing up your skilled people to do their jobs with distinction will allow your business to thrive. Outsource, and your practice will reap the rewards.

Utilize The Right Software

How can you make your medical practice more efficient? Having the right software. This will allow you to work smarter, not harder. Why do labor over a job that a computer program can do? The right software will ultimately help with management of your medical practice. This can include scheduling, medical billing, and front desk software.

UPbook, a front desk software, is the best place to start. It creates a five-star front desk by managing the performance of your front desk members, booking more appointments, showing you rebooking opportunities, allowing text communication with patients, and even providing a reward system for your front desk employees. 


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Written by Michael