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Mar 16, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by Michael

Not delegating can be one of the biggest mistakes that you make as a practice owner. It will prevent growth, burn you out, and take you away from what’s most important: seeing patients. When you learn to delegate, it can relieve pressure and stress, encourage teamwork and support for your staff, and help your business grow. Here are some tips to help you learn how and what to delegate as a practice owner.


Study Yourself

In order to determine what you can delegate, start off by taking note of what you do on a daily basis. Carry a notebook with you, or your phone, and write down everything you do at work. This includes seeing patients, taking phone calls, reviewing charts, dealing with sales, filling out forms, looking for supplies—everything.

After you collect this information, review it and categorize it into different tasks: things only you (a doctor) can do, things your staff can do, or things that don’t need to be done.

This is a great way to categorize things that you do on a daily basis that you can pass off to someone else.

Tweak Your Training Process

Training is typically a hassle. When your staff isn’t trained properly, you may find yourself going behind them and finishing the tasks—which is the opposite of delegation. This isn’t efficient and can cause resentment between you and your employees. Go through your training process and see if there’s anything you can make more in-depth.

If you don’t have enough time to train new doctors or employees, create videos of you and your star staff members in each position. This will allow you to only have to go through the information once while still knowing every employee is getting quality training.

When you focus on building your staff’s skills, it will be easier to trust them with tasks.

Find The Right Person

The key part to delegating is knowing who to give the task to. Everyone has their own set of skills and expertise, and finding the right person to do the job (even sometimes better than you) makes for a win-win situation. You get the job done correctly, and the other party gets to grow in their skills and responsibilities.

This also makes your employees feel like an integral part of the team. They will be more satisfied with their job and will be ready to grow, learn, and succeed.

Provide Feedback and Gratitude

When you begin to delegate tasks to your employees, it’s important to provide feedback. Check the work when it’s completed, and give feedback for them to improve on to ensure the task is done properly.

The same goes with saying “thank you” when someone completes a task perfectly. Letting them know they did a great job will give them the confidence to continue on with the task and feel needed.

Another thing you can delegate is your front desk management. UPbook’s software will ensure all phone calls are answered and increase your revenue and workflow.

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Written by Michael