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Apr 20, 2021 5:53:37 AM / by Michael

Having the right front desk software is one of the best ways you can take your medical practice to the next level and increase practice revenue. It’s important to take advantage of the power that the front desk holds, because how successful it is directly impacts the success of your business. An easy way to optimize your front desk is by having an exceptional software. Here are the top ways that you can use a front desk software to increase practice revenue.


How To Increase Front Desk Revenue

Your front desk is more than answering calls and filling out forms. They’re the first impression a potential patient has of your practice when they call or come in. Plus, They’re in charge of rebooking services, payments, and dealing with insurance companies. In the end, the front office generates the greatest amount of revenue because they have the most direct contact with your patients, who are the backbone of your business. By answering all calls, monitoring performance, and scheduling efficiently, you will increase your front desk revenue.

One of the simplest things you can do to increase front desk revenue is answering all of your phone calls. Even one missed call can lead to losing a potential patient. It’s more important than ever during COVID times to answer every single call because people simply don’t know or trust who is open anymore. Not answering a patient's call can lead them to believe your practice is temporarily or permanently closed. With the right front desk software, you won’t have to worry about missing a phone call. They will have their own front desk responders who will take the call and immediately report via email or text with the subject of the call so your staff can call back to book.

As the practice owner, it’s easy to get caught up in seeing patients or running the business itself, but it’s extremely important to monitor the performance of your front desk. Like any other job, there needs to be a way to measure performance, and a front desk software will do that automatically. See which employees are taking the most calls and booking the most appointments. There might be a reason they’re out-performing other employees, and knowing this information will enable you to give them the praise they deserve. Plus, you can have them share their ways with the rest of the front desk department.

Another way to increase front desk revenue is by scheduling patients more efficiently. If you have the chance to collect a patient's information before a visit, either electronically or over the phone, not only will it make the check-in process easier for your front desk, but it will also cut down on the patient's waiting time. Long wait times can be detrimental to your medical practice as it can lead to the loss of patients. Inefficient scheduling also means fewer patients are seen, leading to less revenue. A front desk software will help with the management of your schedule and help to collect information so you can identify problems like long wait times.

Efficient scheduling will also help reduce missed appointments and increase revenue. When patients don’t show or cancel appointments, this can cost your practice thousands of dollars each year. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do to combat this since patients may have work, family, or other circumstances that get in the way. If you have a software able to send text reminders about appointments, this can reduce cancellations or no-shows to less than five percent. Using a simple text message to remind customers of their scheduled time slot gives you the opportunity to refill the vacant time and therefore increase revenue.

Selling at the Front Desk Will Increase Practice Revenue

Another major part of increasing revenue at the front desk is selling. Not in the traditional way you might think of sales, though. There are opportunities for your front desk staff to sell medical services. This is mainly done through upselling, adding on, and pre-booking appointments.

Attracting new patients or increasing the number of patients you see on a daily basis may not help increase revenue much, because there is only so much time in the day and in your schedule. That’s why upselling is a great and easy solution for increasing revenue. No matter what kind of medical practice you own, your front desk can always upsell services or products. A software will aid in collecting and presenting information about your patient so you know what you can upsell them on.

The second way to sell at the front desk is by pre-booking appointments. Doing this ensures that patients will come back. When you have software that helps with the management of patient information, you will see all the patient’s information when they call or check out. This allows you to remind them what they have due next. Sharing this information with them provides urgency for them to book, which will reduce turnover and increase revenue.

Finally, your front desk can add on services or products. Do you know what your most popular services or products are? Unless you have a software that collects and presents you with this information, you probably don’t have the time to collect this information by hand. Luckily, with the right software, you can easily view this information and use it to add on your most popular services. By adding on, you’re increasing your revenue without adding on any extra time.

Front Desk Software Right For Your Medical Practice

UPbook is the front desk software that is the solution to increasing your practice revenue. The software has all the tools to help your front desk staff stay on top of phone calls, sell, schedule, and even motivate. Unlike other softwares, it has a built-in reward system that tracks performance and automatically rewards your employees when they hit the targets you set.

It gives you the capability to have conversational texting that will bring your patient communication to a level it’s never been before, leading to fewer missed appointments and higher patient satisfaction. UPbook also collects data so you can see what kind of selling opportunities your front desk has. All of this will lead to increased revenue, better schedule management, and an overall more successful practice.  Get an UPbook free demo.



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