4 Front Desk Management Tips to Keep Your Reception Area Running Smoothly

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Mar 5, 2018 12:04:09 AM / by Zuhaib

Fielding phone calls, answering questions, booking appointments, cashing out clients, filing paperwork – without a doubt, the front desk is a happening place. In fact, it’s absolutely vital to the success of your veterinary practice. With so many tasks and workflows, however, keeping it running smoothly is no easy feat. To ensure that your front desk area continues to remain a reliable point of exceptional service, consider the following front desk management tips.

Use technology to your advantage.

Being able to book, verify, change and cancel appointments in one electronic command center will make the life of your receptionist infinitely easier. It will also reduce the chance of overbooking, double booking or other costly mistakes that often occur with manual scheduling.

Additionally, leveraging software for your front desk management will help you collect data on your clients and keep track of their preferences, special needs and requests. This will enable you to deliver much more personalized service which can improve client satisfaction and retention.

Empower your staff.

Your front desk team should have access to everything they need to do their job efficiently and effectively. That includes adequate front desk training, appropriate support from peers and management, up-to-date technology and modern equipment.

Beyond this, empower your front desk agents by trusting them with more responsibilities and allowing them the freedom to do what it takes to enhance the client experience wherever possible.

For example, give your receptionist the ability to modify appointments or upsell without the need to escalate to management. This will make the process faster and more positive for the client as well as your staff. It will also free up management to focus their time and efforts on more strategic tasks.

Establish a ‘Plan B’ for when things get hectic.

Nothing can derail a well-run veterinary office quite like a hectic day. Build flexibility into your front desk management strategy and create a backup plan for how to get a handle on things when the going gets rough. For instance, plan your staffing accordingly so that there are enough agents on hand during days or hours that are especially busy.

Additionally, cross-train other team members so they can jump in and help in the event of an unexpected rush. This takes some of the pressure off your front desk team and also improves the client experience by reducing wait time.

Collect (and use) feedback.

As a DVM or practice owner, you can’t oversee every area of your practice all the time. Sometimes you need your other staff members to act as your eyes and ears. Ask your employees to share their feedback on how the front desk is functioning.

You can also solicit feedback from your clients via surveys. This can provide valuable insight into the client experience and help you identify areas where your front desk management could use some improvement.

The veterinary industry is competitive. Your front desk can be the differentiator you need to stay a step ahead. Invest in your front desk management and your clients will reward you with continued patronage and valuable word-of-mouth referrals.

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